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Royals beauty

Pro deluxe

Pro deluxe

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Pro deluxe is a full body faja 

go a size up 

regular size in Fajas 

xs 0-5 

s 5-7

m 8-10

L 12-14

xl 16-18 

2x 18-20

so go based of these and than go a size up full body always goes a size up example (Royal curvy and this faja only) 

had detachable part for coverage on private areas 



A quick trick I like to do while putting on this Fajas is clipping the first three or four clips from the bottom, and then putting it on so much  easier 

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Customer Reviews

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Gina Marie
Best Faja Ever

Ordered this after failed attempts at getting some online. Customer service is AMAZING & shes on all socials Responsive and helps you figure out what you need.

This faja covers up your back fat & goes right under your bust. There are 4 rows of clips so it’s great to downsize in and get for me since my weight fluctuates and I have bloated days. There is a removable bottoms for the bathroom. Built in booty lifter. I love mine!